Curtain steaming service

At curtain steaming Singapore, we use the new steam cleaning technology which generates high heat to loosen the germs, dirt, odours or dust on the curtains. Chemical injection may or may not be add into the machine depending on the material and situation of the curtains. This process is generally quick, and simple performed by trained staff.

Why pick to steam cleaning your curtains?

Limited time

Curtain steam cleaning needs no installation and dismantling. Your curtains are steam cleaned while hanging on the existing windows. Generally steam cleaning can be performed within one to two hours for standard home, or three to four hours for landed house.

No wrinkling guarantee

Actually, expect your curtains to look perfect as we are using steam to kill the dirt, germ, or dust. Your curtains escaped traditional dry clean technique and in tumble dry machine.

Stop shrinkage

One of the largest danger of cleaning your curtains is that they may shrink. You curtain may looked little after cleaning mainly it is the first wash. Curtain steam cleaning will reject the issue fully.

Protect delicate curtain material

If you would love to reject harsh chemical on your curtain, curtain steam cleaning may be the top choice. While you have no control on what kind of detergent your dry cleaner is using. Steam cleaning your curtains is performed in front of you. This is probably the most perfect way of cleaning your drapery.

High ceiling curtains

If you are having curtains that is more than three meters, dismantling and installing them might be a serious job to do. The weight of the curtain are hard to manage mainly during installation. Steam cleaning might be the top choice for you.

Steam sanitization

At 140-160C, steam kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and fungal spores etc. our expert curtain cleaning process contain shampooing, vacuuming, extraction and steam sanitizing. This process make sure full cleaning and sanitization of your curtains leaving them fit and healthy. We reject steam cleaning those curtains that are not suggested for aqua cleaning or washing. If the curtains are made of silk or any other material, we do not suggest and undertake steam cleaning of such materials. So, please check the label for washing instructions if any before summoning a steam cleaning firm. If there are no labels and you are in doubt, pre-testing such stuffs is suggested. Members of our cleaning team are not fabric professionals.

Stain removal

In the technique on onsite curtain cleaning, we work and get rid of the stains. While 70-80 percent of stains are deleted, we do not promise that all stains will be removed.

How can I book for curtain steam cleaning?

You may begin your order with us by online booking, call our hotline, or find out more visiting our outlet. Our staff will request more right information from you for cost estimation. After accepting the quote, we will advise perfect time slot for you. When appointment is verified, expect our steam cleaning team at arrive at your doorstep to do the work.

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