What is curtain cleaning?

Curtains play a vital role in defining the interiors of our home and providing every home an identify of its own. And rightly so, for they come in various charming colours and designs to include to the beauty of the room. And for this reason usually we go for new curtains when existing curtains become shabby or odd or dirty. Loss is our because big amount that we spend on the fresh ones we could get the old ones dirt free and made as best as new. Curtain cleaning is a service that we need to pay more focus  on.

Curtains get unclean for a big range of factors. We use them to stop direct sunlight from entertaining the rooms so that the rooms remain chill always. Anyway, that is not the only use of curtains. They are also used to stop the dirt and dust of outside from entertaining the home. And definitely, we use them to get more privacy. While doing all these jobs, curtains are getting exposed to the rays of sunlight as well as polluted air that we are struggling to stop from entering the home. In the process, after some time it is natural for curtains to become dirty and they begin looking shabby and old.

Instead of going for costly curtains whenever they get unclean you could try getting them cleaned occasionally which would ensure they remain shinning and clean. Anyway, curtain cleaning process does not denote you have to remove those weighty curtains every weekend to the washing engine, so making your weekend bad than the weekdays. With the big amount of planning you could exactly make this possible.

How does curtain cleaning work?

Curtain cleaning is simpler than you may think. For many home owners, having to take down your curtains to take them a dry cleaner or put them in the washer is a hard job. It may need 2 or more people and may even involve having to get rid of some types of hardware. Hiring curtain cleaning experts is the better choice. This permits buyers to have a team of expert come into your house and vacuum, warm clean and care for your curtains while they are still hanging. The process is sweet and little and keeps home owners money and time.

Steam cleaning is the most popular process of fabrics cleaning. The more stylish your curtains are, the more you will need to hire an expert to stop any kind of damage. Further to cleaning the curtains, these firms will also apply a protective fabric coating to the curtains which helps save them from sun damage and makes them resistant to dust that is floating in the air.

You should clean your curtain every 3 months. The process is quite fast and only takes a few hours to complete. You will find curtain cleaning services via firms that provide other home cleaning such as upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and title and grout cleaning.

How to choose the right company for curtain cleaning?

Regular washing of the curtains is vital for beauty and health objectives. Whereas some are very simple to wash, some can be cumbersome as an outcome of their fabrics and size. Luckily, there are curtain cleaning services accessible to keep you looking remarkable and hygienic, so they are not a health risk mainly if you have members allergic to dust. When looking for this service, a few aspects can help you make sure that you pick the best and the most reliable.

If you do not have additional pairs of curtains, you want to settle for a firm that can manage the cleaning promptly so you can have the back on. Find out how long it will take for the cleaning to be performed and for the curtains to be delivered back to you so you reject inconveniences. It is also  vital to find out whether it is the firm which will pick-up curtains or you will need to deliver them yourself. Pick a firm whose terms of service you are in full agreement with.

They may be influenced by the number of pairs and the size of your curtains you have. Curtains can be little, large, medium or extra-large. The rates change in this logic per pair so if you have many pairs must pick a cleaning curtain service with charges you can pay for for your present cleaning needs.

Finding out what extra services you can enjoy from the firm you are about to pick will help you enjoy convenience in one go. Please contact our sale team for more info. We promise you we will give you a really fair rate

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Let us do all the dirty work for you

Carpet cleaning professional provides a full curtain cleaning process that utilises safe cleaning solutions to both dry and wet clean your curtains.  Our process is secure for the customer and the technician. It is calm for application on most kinds of fabrics, even those sun-destroyed ones. At Singapore curtain cleaning services, we provide full service that can be done both off-site and on-site depending on the fabric to be cleaned.

We clean the following:

  • Drapes/curtains, valances, and window scarves
  • French pleats, pleated, lace, and sheers
  • Velvet, chenille, silk, earth tone and floral
  • All cleanable fabric

What our clients saying

  • Very professional curtain streaming. I am very happy with the result. The curtain look like new. I would recommend your company to anyone i know now. Thank you so much!
    Alan Wong
  • Your company did an amazing job. Pick up and delivery on time. The curtain have a refresh look now, so clean and i love it so much!
    Angie Lee

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