Couch Cleaning Services in Singapore
Couch Cleaning Services in Singapore

Couch Cleaning Services in Singapore. The couch is one of the essential elements of a living room. If it gets dirty, the room loses its appeal. Moreover, couches experience massive traffic daily, so they accumulate bacteria quickly. That’s why you must deep clean your sofa at least once a month.

If you are busy, you may leave this task to a couch cleaning service. In this article, we will tell you the benefits of hiring an upholstery cleaning professional. Read on – Couch Cleaning Services in Singapore:

Advanced cleaning methods

professional couch deep cleaning
professional couch deep cleaning

You may find it easy to wipe the light dirt off your couch. But you must use more powerful tools when it comes to stubborn stains. Unfortunately, not all homeowners have them, so they skip deep cleaning their sofas.

Cleaning companies use advanced methods to eliminate tough dirt from the fabric while not causing damage. The cleaners are fully equipped and trained to give your particular couch treatment. Here are the cleaning methods they use based on the type of upholstery.

1. Water extraction (synthetic fabrics)

Since synthetic fabrics are more resistant to water and high temperatures, they undergo a steam cleaning procedure. Hot steam does a great job of loosening stubborn stains and killing bacteria.

  • First, the technician will pretreat the fabric with unique products depending on the type of stain. Then he will inject water in the form of steam into the material. It will collect the grime and destroy bacteria.
  • Afterward, he will extract the water, leaving the couch as clean and fresh as new.

While water extraction is powerful, it won’t be able to remove hair dye. Also, don’t try to remove the tough stains on your own to prevent driving them deeper into the fabric. Steam may be inefficient in extracting deep-down grime. That’s why, if you notice a severe stain on your couch, don’t try to scrub it off with the brush. Leave it intact until the cleaning technician comes and solves the issue.

2. Dry cleaning (delicate fabrics)

Steam may cause the discoloration of delicate fabrics and leather. The technician will evaluate the delicacy of the fabric to determine which cleaning method to use. For highly light materials, he will use dry solvent cleaning. This method excludes the use of moisture to protect the couch from discoloration and mold growth.

The cleaner will apply a powdered detergent on the fabric. Then let it sit for a while to suck up the grime. Finally, he will vacuum the powder with the dislodged dirt, leaving the sofa impeccable.

Another method implies using a foam detergent with a small amount of moisture. The technician will apply the foam on the sofa, then gently scrub with a rotating brush. This will help to drive the detergent deeper into the fabric and capture the stuck dirt. Once he removes all the stains, he will vacuum the couch so that no foam residue remains.

3. Antiviral sanitization

If you want, you can book antiviral sanitization besides water extraction or dry cleaning. This procedure destroys 99.9% of viruses and germs residing in the upholstery. It takes place before the steam or dry cleaning. The technician will apply an antiviral agent on the sofa. It is certified and completely safe for delicate fabrics, causing no discoloration or texture damage.

Then he will agitate it so that it penetrates the material. After 15 minutes of waiting, he will proceed with the next step — water extraction. Disinfection is welcome if you have recently had an infection outbreak in the house. But you can use it to maintain the coaching environment healthy as well.

4. Deodorization

Deodorizing the coach is crucial in case of nasty food and pet stains. Most cleaning companies will have this service separately, so book it. After removing all colors, the cleaner will treat the sofa with a high-quality, child-safe deodorizer. Be sure the odors will disappear for good.

Cleaning all hard-to-reach areas

Cleaning all hard-to-reach areas
Cleaning all hard-to-reach areas

Addressing the corners and the area between the seat and backrest is the hardest part of sofa cleaning. When you clean the couch alone, you may not have the patience to pay attention to these areas. However, they may accumulate a lot of grime, such as dust and food particles.

In this case, you are good to hire a couch cleaning service to do the job in more detail. They pledge to address every dirty area of your furniture. They have special tools that allow them to reach all nooks and crannies and rid them of debris. As a result, your coach will get spotlessly clean and safe to sit and lie on.

Safe and effective products

Safe and effective couch cleaning products
Safe and effective couch cleaning products

Reputed cleaning services use environmentally friendly and certified cleaning products. Also, they have a variety of detergents for each type of upholstery. This way, you can be sure your coach fabric will not suffer after the professional treatment. Aside from being safe, the products are very effective at dealing with stubborn dirt.

Saved time

couch cleaning services
couch cleaning services

Couch cleaning can be a daunting and time-consuming task. If your furniture has accumulated a lot of dirt and tough stains, you may need 1-2 hours to deal with them. If you have other essential duties, you can hire a sofa cleaning service. It will save you time and energy.

Trained staff

Trained Staff cleaning Sofa
Trained Staff cleaning Sofa

Upholstery cleaning technicians use various techniques for fighting grime and germs. They are fully trained to provide the best cleaning result without damaging the fabric. Also, they work much faster due to their advanced skills and modern tools.

Couch Cleaning Services in Singapore – Bottom line

When it comes to deep cleaning a coach, hiring an upholstery cleaning service is the best option. In this way, you save time and effort on scrubbing and wiping. Also, the technician will come with powerful state-of-the-art tools that guarantee maximum effectiveness. He will use them to remove the toughest stains and clean all nooks and crannies.

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