Curtain dry cleaning service

Home cleaning in Singapore has become extremely general and we offer ease to dry clean curtain in Singapore. Our delivery services for curtain is accessible inland-wide. You may call us now to find out more. Curtain dry cleaning prices is by weight and we do offer installation and dismantle of curtain before and after cleaning process as well.  Our team will visit your office or home to weight your curtain for you. Our professional and reliable team would offer expert advises as well as cleaning services to your doorstep.

What is curtain dry cleaning process

Understanding your requirements

First call to us our staff would need to find out details like curtain age, curtain type, curtain condition, your timeline, apartment size, and whether you need to dismantle and install your curtain by us.

Pick your preferred choice

Our professional staff will be capable to suggest on the type of curtain cleaning top suits your needs. You may get the dry cleaning and steam cleaning from us at your place. With our special knowledge, we are capable to give a guess to your curtain cleaning cost before you project work. With best information, we want you to make the top informed decision on how to clean your curtains.

Appointment verification

After understanding your time frame, we would advise accessible time slots for your place. Our appointment comes in one hour block to keep your time. Collection staff will provide you a call fifteen minutes before arriving.

Weighting on the spot

To reject confusion, our staff will perform the calculation and weighting on the spot right dismantling your curtains. From there you will get a written memo on the collection data and date of return of your curtain cleaning service.

Curtain return

You will get a reminder on the day your curtain will be returned. With perfect tagging, your curtain will be hung back to your right place after cleaning. Our expert staff will install your curtain after cleaning.

Curtain dry cleaning service cost

The cost of curtain dry cleaning works on the materials and size of your curtains as the materials used for cleaning are extremely costly where many customers may not be alert Please kindly contact us for the discounted price.