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August 13, 2020

How to Clean Curtains With A Steam Cleaner?

Wondering how to clean curtains with a steam cleaner? If you love your curtains, you’ll always be willing to go the extra mile to keep them clean. This may sound like such a daunting task, especially if your curtains require high maintenance. No worries, since technology has made their care and maintenance easier. Using a steam cleaner is one of the many ways to keep your curtains looking presentable. So, how do you clean your curtains with a steam cleaner? Table of Contents Get a Quality Steam CleanerHow to Clean Your Curtains Using a Steam CleanerPick the Right Cleaning ProductsDo […]
June 25, 2020

How To Clean Curtains Without Removing Them?

Cleaning curtains is not something most people consider as an everyday chore. Some people even clean them after several years or, instead, end up replacing them. However, you can keep them in good condition without having to take them down, wash them, then take them back up again. With the right tools, you can now keep your curtains looking new by merely cleaning them while they are still on the windows. Read on to find out how to clean curtains without removing them. Table of Contents VacuumShake ThemBrush ThemSteam ThemUse A Fabric DeodorizerClean Windows CarefullyAir Your Curtains RegularlyHow To Clean Curtains Without Removing Them? – Conclusion Vacuum One […]
May 31, 2020

How to Clean Your Curtains

Your curtains will begin looking a little shabby after years or more of utilization. Taking care of the curtains is vital to keeping your house in Singapore welcoming beautiful. How to Clean Curtain? Dusting the curtains Prolong the life of your clothes by constantly eliminating dirt and dust. Once a week you’d vacuum the curtains utilizing the upholstery attachment. A few curtains are very light and delicate. In these cases, the vacuum method could damage them, so give then a fine shake instead of dislodging dust and dirt particles. Delicate Fabrics Sheer or lace curtains will get damaged if thrown […]
May 31, 2020

Top Mistakes to Avoid in Curtain Cleaning

When it comes to the inner décor of your house, curtains play a key part. Cleaning each essential in your house, including curtains is extremely vital. Curtains can simply absorb dust, dirt, and therefore smell and appearance unappealing. They’re particularly important guidelines for cleaning curtains to maintain their durability and quality. These come with some important instructions printed on their tags so that everyone can read and properly understand than before washed as recommended. Here’re top mistakes you should avoid in a curtain cleaning procedure – Utilizing wrong cleaning agents Curtains normally come with several textures and materials. It’s vital […]
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